We collected 10 films that are worth seeing if you want something unbanal.

Snowpiercer 2013


The philosophical film of director Pong Zhong Ho, shot in Czech pavilions, mounted in South Korea, unfolds in the rhythm of the action movie. Civilization came to an end, on Earth a new ice age, and the miserable remnants of humanity took refuge in an endlessly long train, rushing through the snow around the globe, time after time, year after year. In these railway carriage all the most important things fit, in these railway carriage - all the best and all the worst that people can do.

Frank 2013

A strange musical group, a strange leader of this group, who is not shown to anyone without a big plastic head, and the most usual Irish boy, who was invited to play in the band for some reason. He can not understand what is happening around him, he can not unravel Frank and is puzzled why the group is not interested in world fame. And what's the most amusing: Michael Fassbender, one of the most attractive actors in the world, has to play the entire film not with his face, but with a mask. This is definitely worth a look.

Microcosmos: Le peuple de l'herbe, 1996

 This is an amazingly filmed documentary about the world of insects. Magnificent camera work, creating an absolutely fantastic atmosphere: impassable jungle of herb hides, giant drops of dew, irreal light.

Scenes from the marital life of 1973

Six scenes from the life of Marianne and Johan about how people met, got married, had children, then divorced and fell in love. This detailed study of the life of the couple looks with interest, despite all the prosaic nature of what is happening.

Hwal, 2005

In the film, Kim Ki-Dooka has a lot of music and few words. They are not particularly needed to understand what this beautiful and lyrical drama is about. An old fisherman wanders by boat on the sea, with him lives a young girl, whom he saved a long time ago. They love each other, despite the age difference, and they want to get married when the bride turns 17 years old. But one day a young fisherman rises aboard.

Nanook of the North, 1922

 A documentary about the life of the Canadian Eskimo Nanuka was filmed in the early twentieth century. He largely determined the development of documentary films around the world. The Eskimos in the film are not shown down, not from the standpoint of the "white man", but as they see themselves.

Exam, 2009

 This film does not let go, keeps in suspense until the very end. And this despite the fact that all the action takes place in one room. People just came to get a job, and they need to answer just one question: they have a sheet, a pen and 80 minutes for that.

After life (Wandâfuru raifu,) 1998

What if after death there will be neither judgment, nor heaven, nor hell, but only one happy memory? Choose it and settle in it forever. But how difficult it is to choose this day!

Beasts of the Southern Wild, 2012

 Bizarre, somewhere fabulous, but from this no less dramatic story of the little girl Hashpappi and her father. They spend their days swimming in search of a fish in some kind of boat made from the backbone of a pickup truck. Not having enough budget for expensive computer special effects, the director has created one of the best visually films of recent times.

The Fall, 2006

The Hollywood stuntman Roy and the five-year-old Alexandria girl escape the sad reality in fairy tales. There are incredible and heroic events, but even in a fairy tale the pain and fears of real heroes erupt. Tarsem Singh's painting combines the brightness of the fairy-tale style and the drama of realistic works.