To the delight of the audience now there goes more and more of our beloved and infinitely talented actors.

We have prepared for you a list of 10 serials, which are worth a look at least for the sake of acting the most famous actors. And, of course, a cool story.

House of Cards


Who: Kevin Spacey

Ambitional Democratic congressman Frank Underwood in exchange for a promise to make him secretary of state helps Garret Walker become president of the United States. However, after the election, the head of the presidential administration Linda Vaskez informs Underwood that he will not receive a post. Enraged by betrayal, Frank and his wife are ready to do anything to take revenge on the newly-minted president.

Penny dreadful


Who: Eva Green, Timothy Dalton

Victorian London, on the streets of which there is a gathering of all kinds of evil, capable of terrifying anyone. With many of them you have known for a long time: Dorian Gray, Jekyll with his alter ego Hyde, and Frankenstein "under the arm" with his monstrous creation, and Count Dracula from Transylvania, as well as his vampire assistants and other, no less sinister entities. Starting to hunt for human bodies and souls, they all share London with each other.



Who: Adrian Brody

The story of the ascension to the glory of Harry Houdini, his path from a child from a penniless family to a great illusionist. Contrary to expectations, the picture not only reveals some scenic secrets of the master, but also completely immerses in the atmosphere of magic, mysticism and magic.



Who: Anthony Hopkins

In a futuristic amusement park, androids, on the background of historical scenery, become slaves to people, performing routine tasks until at one point the failure in the program turns them into dangerous killers.

The Night Manager


Who: Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie

The night manager of the European hotel (Tom Hiddleston) is recruited by intelligence agents for a special assignment. He needs to deserve the location of a millionaire (Hugh Laurie) to prove his involvement in the arms business.

A Young Doctor's Notebook


Who: Daniel Radcliffe

In turbulent revolutionary times, the young doctor arrived in a small village, where he began to treat local residents. The main character of the series is very difficult, because he is forced to face the difficulties of his profession, as well as the constant superstitions of his patients.

True Detective

Who: Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams

In Louisiana in 1995 there was a strange murder of a girl. In 2012, the 1995 murder case was reopened, as a similar murder occurred. In order to advance in the investigation, the police decide to interrogate the former detectives who worked on the case in 1995.

Parade's End


Who: Benedict Cumberbatch

"The end of the parade" tells the story of a love triangle: in one corner - an English aristocrat, in another - his beautiful wife, and in the third - a young activist of the suffragist movement.



Who: Sarah Jessica Parker

Francis is going through a long, difficult divorce, which forces her to take a fresh look at the years of life together. It turns out that starting from scratch is not so easy.

Mildred Pierce

 Who: Kate Winslet, Guy Pearce

Life presents Mildred Pierce sad surprises and makes you look for a way out of difficult circumstances. Left alone with two children, the heroine is forced to build her life from scratch in the difficult years of the Great Depression.