Badly sharpened pencil

To sharpen a pencil it is necessary each time before you are going to draw arrows on eyes. With the sharp tip of the pencil, you will draw a much more straightforward and effortless effort on the eyelid much more quickly and effortlessly.

Color eyeliner in the lower eyelid

In most cases with a color lower eyelid look looks much more severe, which does not add to it charm. Therefore, experts recommend applying color eyeliner to the lower eyelid, only if you are going to special themed parties.

Asymmetric arrows

With an error, when one arrow turns out to be thicker than another, surely every girl faced. Then, as a rule, we begin to "adjust" the arrows under the same size, and in the end the process resembles a vicious circle. In this case, there is only one advice: practice drawing symmetrical arrows as often as possible, and one day you will definitely achieve the desired result.

Liquid eyeliner in the lower eyelid

If you use this remedy in the lower eyelid, because of its consistency, such a liner will quickly drain and smudge under your eyes. Therefore, we recommend to remember one more golden rule: liquid eyeliner - only for the upper eyelid, and for the lower one - a pencil.

A shorter liner

As we already mentioned above, liquid liner has the ability to quickly spread out, especially if the eyes get wet. In order to avoid this, carry a cotton swab with which you can quickly correct any negligence in makeup, or give preference only to waterproof eyeliner.

Clearance between the arrow and the ciliary edge

This small detail is able to spoil even the most perfectly drawn arrows, so always paint your eyes so that the line fits snugly to the ciliary edge. And do not spare the time and energy to achieve this effect.

Careless corner shooter

The beautiful shooter corners should be pointed, even and slightly upturned. Any other variations will not look so perfect and can ruin any, even professional make-up.

Stretched eyelid

If you stretch the eyelid too much when applying the eyeliner, the arrow will turn out to be uneven when the skin returns to its true state, and it will not be so perfect.

Painted mucous part of the lower eyelid

It looks beautiful only if you have huge eyes. In all the others, such make-up visually makes the eyes smaller, so all leading make-up artists recommend to abandon this habit.

Strongly feathery eyeliner

Of course, to shade a pencil, which you underlined the lower eyelid, is absolutely normal, but only in moderation! If you use a large brush, you can easily achieve the effect of bruises under the eyes.