Sandwiches with melted cheese in a toaster


According to the legend: to get an excellent hot sandwich with melted cheese, without wasting a sandwich, it's enough to lay a toaster on your side and cover each slice of cheese with cheese. The toaster will roast the bread and melt the cheese.

In reality: firstly, turning the toaster into a prone position, we create a fire-dangerous situation, which is not worth the sandwich. Secondly, this method is not so effective: the melted cheese can stain everything around, jumping out of the toaster.

A nail instead of a corkscrew


According to the legend: if you drive a nail into a wine stopper and pull a nailhead for it, the cork will pop out of the neck.

In reality: one nail in this situation is indispensable. Life hack works only if you drive a few nails into the cork and at the same time pull them out, which, in principle, is quite difficult even to imagine.

Storage of batteries in the refrigerator


According to the legend: life hack should extend the life of the batteries.

In reality: a low temperature can lead to a completely opposite effect - a reduction in their service life. In addition, condensation can also lead to corrosion and damage to the battery.

Pancakes from a bottle


According to legend: dough for pancakes can be done directly in a plastic bottle! And from it is very convenient to pour on a frying pan + less dirty dishes!

In reality: you need to somehow put the dough into the bottle, which in itself does not speed up the process of making pancakes. Then you need to squeeze it out into the frying pan long and painfully, while it is already starting to burn (only if you do not want to make pancakes for the Lilliputians).

Popcorn without unsolved grains


According to the legend: when the package with popcorn was puffed up in the microwave, open it just enough so that whole grains dropped out, and the popcorn remained inside.

In reality: this advice works if you do not rush to eat your popcorn. And the package will have to shake for a very long time, ensuring that all grains "leaked" through the popcorn and fell out. Obviously, it is better to leave them at the bottom of the package.

Audio speakers from rolls of toilet paper


According to legend: from rolls of toilet paper should turn out excellent, loud speakers.

In reality: this life hack works well enough if you use a large ceramic mug as an amplifier. But an empty roll of toilet paper - complete nonsense.

Tennis ball instead of car keys


According to the legend: if you shut the keys in the car, you need to take a leaky tennis ball and squeeze the air out of it into the keyhole - supposedly the air should press the proper levers and the lock will open.

In reality: this advice was very popular, and since then a whole bunch of Internet users have already denied its effectiveness. Even the "destroyers of myths" did this.

Dissolving rust with Coca-Cola


According to legend: after immersion in the Coke-detail details rust must completely dissolve in it

In reality: in order for rust to dissolve, it is necessary to wait a long time, but it is very unlikely that the rust will dissolve completely. It is much more effective to use special means.

"Resurrection" of a banana with a hairdryer


According to the legend: if a blackened banana is blown out by the air from the dryer, it will get its original appearance.

In reality: this life hack also does not work. No matter how much we dry the banana, it does not turn yellow at all.

Coins in a flowerpot


According to the legend: Copper in coins works as an acidifier, which helps prevent the appearance of fungus or bacteria in the flower pot.

In reality: this life hack works only with old coins, since the new ones contain much less copper.