Edible water bubbles that can replace plastic bottles

These bubbles called "Ooho!" Represent a small portion of drinking water, which is placed in a shell made from an extract of seaweed. Unlike plastic bottles, the decomposition of which requires nature for hundreds of years, the unused food bubble will be reworked in just 4-6 weeks. And without negative consequences for the environment, because it lacks unnatural components.

Black ice cream with a taste of coal and almonds

This new soft ice cream color black-black night, can draw any lover of sweet on the side of dark power. Exotic taste combined with extravagant design has already won the hearts of thousands of bloggers, instagramers and just gourmets. It all began with a store in Los Angeles.

Colorless coffee that will save your teeth from plaque

If you can not live without coffee, but want to get rid of plaque on the teeth, then we have good news for you. In London, developed a colorless coffee, made using unique technologies using coffee beans of the highest grade. The same taste and charge of life-giving caffeine, but minimal effects on tooth enamel. And why did not anyone come up with this before?

Cutlets for burgers from vegetables, not inferior to the taste of real meat

By taste, smell and texture, these burger cutlets from the company "Beyond Meat" are not inferior to this meat, although 100% of them consist of vegetables. Cutlets have already become a real hit, because they even give "bloody juice" when cooking (in fact it is beet juice). The product contains a daily protein norm and will appeal to both vegetarians and inveterate meat eaters.

Devilishly useful "great sushi" straight from the Hawaiian Islands

"Poke" - a dish that recently arrived on a large land from the Hawaiian Islands. The composition of this yummy includes raw fish, vegetables and fruits, and all of this is served in a small bowl or in the form of an edible roll. It turns out such an original big sushi: fresh, useful and not requiring much time for cooking. "Poke" is already being sold in California and the restaurants of New York.

Violet bread, conducive to digestion

Scientists from the National University of Singapore invented purple bread. Unlike malicious white bread, violet is digested 20% slower, because it contains a large amount of antioxidants extracted from black rice. They also give bread a characteristic color. This product is not yet on sale and is currently under development.

Meat grown in vitro

Despite the ethical problem of handling animals, many people simply can not do without meat. Perhaps in the near future this issue will be solved with the help of artificial cultivation of muscle tissues of cows and bulls. In 2013, the first high-tech burger was received, which would cost the buyers 325 thousand dollars. Now scientists are working to reduce the cost of artificial meat and hope that soon they will reach an acceptable price.

Lunch in bottles that you can drink on the go

The motto of the company "Soylent": "Food that frees you." It frees you from having to choose what is and where you are, from counting calories and fearing again to break your own diet. These futuristic drinks and bars already contain all the nutrients our body needs. Option for those who are always busy, but wants to eat right. Perhaps, it is even too correct.

Protein powder for a healthy and sound sleep

In the modern world, the problem of insomnia is very acute. That is why recently the companies began to develop beverages that promote a calm and deep sleep. So, the company "Sleep Protein" produces a protein powder containing 8 g of plant proteins and a lot of substances useful for the body. The drink obtained by diluting this powder helps to calm down, relax and improve the quality of sleep.

Bonus: cheese that melts right before your eyes

Raclette (Raclette) is a Swiss dish that is rapidly gaining popularity in many countries of the world. It is prepared from melted fat cheese, which is cut directly into a plate of vegetables, meat and other goodies. A sort of fondue, on the contrary, when I'm not going to dunk in cheese, and cheese is poured on food. In New York this dish became a real hit.