My Girl, 1991

Cast: Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Macaulay Culkin

At the very beginning of his career, almost simultaneously with the shooting in the famous films "Home alone", Macaulay Culkin received a prestigious film award in the nomination "Best Kiss". And see this kiss in the touching picture "My Girl" by Howard Siff.

This story about a single fateful summer from the life of a small 11-year-old girl is thoroughly permeated with incredible sadness and real happiness.

Rating IMDb - 6,8

Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

Cast: Kara Hayward, Jared Gilman

The strangest, most immediate and most colorful story about the fact that love has no age limits belongs to the independent director Wes Anderson. A small boy-orphan and an abandoned girl run away from adults to start an amazing journey together, full of new emotions. And the audience with bated breath watches where this road will lead them.

Rating IMDb - 7,8

You never dreamed,1980

Starring: Tatyana Aksyuta, Nikita Mikhailovsky

"It's hard to imagine now, but life is not just love. Only love, if you want to know, it's even poverty, "they were told by adult film characters who have long forgotten what it's like to fall in love for the very first time. But Roma and Katya did not believe them for a second, because they knew for sure that their love is real and it's so big that besides it they do not need anything else to be really happy.

Rating IMDb - 8.0

Say Anything ..., 1989

Cast: John Cusack, Ionie Skye

The first love is never simple. And the hero of this film, a teenager Lloyd, who without a memory fell in love with a pretty classmate, understands this like no one else. He has to choose what to do next: to drop his hands or fight for his feelings, no matter what. The boy decides to go to the end, and it does not matter that the whole world and even her dad are against.

Rating IMDb - 7.4

Achtste Groepers Huilen Niet, 2012

Cast: Hanna Obbek, Niels Verkoochen

This Dutch picture of a schoolgirl who struggles to fight leukemia with all her strength falls into the soul from the very first frame. After viewing, adults immediately stop underestimating small children, because they remember that at any age you can commit real deeds, show courage and fortitude, and most importantly, love. For real.

Rating IMDb - 7,5

In my death I ask to blame Klava K., 1979

Cast: Vladimir Shevelkov, Nadezhda Gorshkova, Natalia Zhuravlyova, Vladimir Sidorov

"When she's not around, I do not exist ... I'm waiting for her to see her. I'm not interested in anything without Klava, even if the Nobel Prize is given, but it is not at all - everything! It disappears! "- the story of little Sergei Lavrov will melt even the icy heart, because he loved his Klava already from the age of 4. And although this film does not end with a wedding, the audience is charged with a bright feeling of hope that the future of the beautiful hero still has a lot of happiness and new stories.

Rating IMDb - 7,3

Romeo and Juliet, 1968

Cast: Olivia Hussey, Leonard Whiting

History, the sadness of which is not in the world, has been screened more than once, but it is the film of Franco Zeffirelli that is rightfully considered one of the best. And if you have not seen it yet, then it must be urgently corrected!

Rating IMDb - 7,7

La Boum, 1980

Cast: Sophie Marceau, Claude Brasser

This easy French comedy, most likely, will please any teenager. It's so easy to recognize yourself in this funny main heroine! Vic is 13 years old, she is going through changing schools, looking for new friends and dreaming of falling in love as soon as possible. Well, if you really want something, it will happen. But only a dream come true may not be the same as you imagined it to be.

Rating IMDb - 6,7

The Blue Lagoon, 1980

Starring: Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins

An exciting story of two children who were forced to grow up together on an uninhabited island after a tragic shipwreck. Two gentle creatures will have to learn, without any help from adults, to survive, grow up, and then understand what kind of feeling, from which their hearts are beating so fast.

Rating IMDb - 5,7

WALL-E, 2008

And finally, the story, after seeing which, even the youngest children will understand what true love, devotion and care are. And it does not matter that we are talking about two robots, if they are so touching and alive, like WALL-E and Eve.

Rating IMDb - 8,4