1. The roller for clothes will relieve of a dust on audio speakers

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Just roll a roller on the audio speakers , and all the dust will stick to it. In some cases, this procedure even improves the sound quality.

2. Headphones can easily be cleaned with a toothbrush

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Instead of trying to get dirt from the headphone grid with a toothpick, use an unnecessary toothbrush. Place a paper or towel on the table, turn the headphones down with a net and gently clean them with a brush.

3. Dirt from the wires can be removed using a conventional eraser

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Experience shows that cleaning wires with liquids containing alcohol can make them sticky or even lead to malfunctioning of the device. Give preference to the alternative option and carefully remove the dirt with a conventional eraser.

4. Interdental brush - ideal tool for cleaning the headphone connector

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The size of this brush exactly matches the size of the headphone jack, which makes it an indispensable purchase. Please note: before you clean the connector, the gadget must be turned off.

5. For cleaning the keyboard, use an adhesive tape

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All the dirt from the surface of the keyboard will instantly stick to the sticky side of the tape, and you will get rid of it without too much effort.

6. Gadget screens are best cleaned with microfiber cloths

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Paper towels are strictly prohibited for cleaning gadgets: they can scratch the screen.

7. Coffee filters will remove the dust from screen

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They are ideal for cleaning, as there are no pile in their composition, which means they will not scratch the surface of the screen.

8. Use a simple homemade plate to clean the usb ports in the laptop

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To make this simple device you will need:

Elastic rod

Super glue

Synthetic material for cleaning (for example, Velcro)

Glue a piece of material to the prepared plate, the width of which for convenience should be slightly narrower usb-connector. In this case, the glue drops should be smeared so that there are no cones on the surface of the material. After the glue dries, clean all necessary contacts.

9. Clean the glass screens of phones and tablets with plain paper

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Paper is perfect for cleaning only glass screens, so do not use it for plastic or liquid crystal surfaces. This is still a great way to get rid of scratches on your tablet or phone screen. Scatter in a circular motion - in most cases they disappear after a few minutes.

10. Remove scratches from the screen of your gadget using polish

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To ensure that the smartphone is not damaged during the procedures for getting rid of scratches, turn off its power and carefully seal with paint tape all buttons, microphone holes and ports on the front and side panels. Then squeeze a little cream and rub in circular motions on the screen with a soft napkin.

11. Remove dirt from the speaker and the side keys of the smartphone with a toothbrush

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In addition to the brush, you do not need any special cleaning products. Do not clean the loudspeaker loudspeakers with gasoline - so you risk damaging them. Smooth and brushing movements of the toothbrush clean the entire surface of the smartphone from dirt and dust accumulated in hard-to-reach places in the dynamics and between the keys. The same way, you can clear the SIM card tray.