1. Palma "Lady" cleans the air of ammonia, which is especially useful after chemical cleaning in the bathroom.

2. Aglaonema moderately eliminates formaldehyde in the air, which occurs in cosmetic products. The best place is next to the shower.

3. European / English ivy absorbs carbon dioxide more than others, and also cleans air of toxins, formaldehyde and heavy metals.


1. Sansevieria three-lane secrete oxygen at night and purify the air of toxins, which will greatly improve your sleep.

2. Spathiphyllum actively absorbs industrial and domestic toxins (acetone, benzene, ammonia). Especially useful will be after repair, when the air in the room is satiated with harmful substances.

3. Phalaenopsis is a plant with stunning flowers. It emits a lot of oxygen at night, cleans the air of toluene.


1. Coffee tree is a natural filter. Cleans the air of benzene, formaldehyde, phenol, trichlorethylene.

2. Hibiscus creates a favorable microclimate. Phytoncides, exuded by the plant, heal and purify the air, other plants near begin to grow better and do not get sick.

3. Cyclamen allows you to cope with insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depressed state and irritability.

Living room

1. Dracaena bent / dracaena bordered clears the air of formaldehyde (contained in paints, wallpaper, carpets and curtains) and benzene (found in dyes and synthetic fibers).

2. Chlorophytum crested fights with formaldehydes from automobile exhausts, tobacco smoke, perfectly cleanses and moisturizes the air.

3. Ficus Benjamin destroys in the air benzene, trichlorethylene (contained in carpet cleaning agents, glues and much more) and phenol.


1. Aloe cleans the air of benzene (found in detergents) and formaldehyde (contained in lacquers and floor coverings).

2. Stephanotis richly flowering revitalizes the air in the kitchen. For good care will thank you with beautiful white flowers all year round.

3. Senpolia - its dignity is the ability to drive ants out of the dwelling.