Board for seating

With the help of boards, nails and wine stoppers, you can automate the process of planting seedlings in the ground. More detail instruction here.

Decorated table

From the pallets you can make an excellent outdoor table and decorate it with live plants.


In order to organize a dacha pond or even a fountain, a tractor tire is enough.

Shelf for cutlery

A convenient shelf for cutlery or garden tools can be done by your own hands.


Protection from the sun can look stylish. How to make - look in source.


These charming candlesticks from cans can be hung on the fence and enjoy a romantic atmosphere. In source you can learn how to do them.

Round table

Very unusual looks round table from an old spool. How to build, look in source.


Do not rush to throw out old chairs, you can make a bench from them.

Box for seedlings

The old dresser perfectly organizes plants.


Very cool will look like this homemade basket, in source describes how to make it.


That's how you can make a street shell out of a barrel.


Children will certainly be delighted with such swings, which are also very simple to make.

Chaise lounge

© ManMade

Instructions for the manufacture of colorful chaise longue look in source.

Miniature bar counter

For street gatherings, there is such an idea: a small box on the wall in which you can store your favorite drinks, and use the lid as a work surface.


Here you can build a hammock with your own hands.


Here is how it looks if you will make a garden path.