Such a vertical garden bed will save a precious place on the site! To create it, you will need old bicycle wheels and rope.

The old wooden barrel can be turned into a cozy garden chair. To the bright sun does not interfere with enjoying nature, be sure to build a visor of dense fabric.

Such a device for carrying firewood is useful for every summer resident! To make it, you need any sweaty fabric, as well as two wooden sticks (you can use plastic pipes for this purpose).

Not always there is time and opportunity to tinker with watering of garden beds. Having constructed this simple adaptation, you will forget about many hours watering!

Each of us has at home boxes of dvd disks. Use them wisely, making a portable greenhouse for seedlings!. Use them wisely, making a portable greenhouse for seedlings!

A temporary garden path is a great idea for a summer house! Just imagine, a convenient path in time appears where necessary!

Rubber bucket - a real wand-zashchalochka for all the summer residents! This is a watering can, a basket, a bag, and even a container for children's toys. Be sure to buy this multifunctional thing!

Such a stand under your knees will please all inveterate dacha owners. Now hours of work on the garden beds will not adversely affect your health!

A rack-and-pin splitter is an assistant not only at the dacha, but also in marching conditions. After all, this device snaps firewood like nuts!

Not all gardeners know that you need to protect your hands not only with gloves, but with special armlets. Impenetrable elastic fabric protects the skin from nettles, sharp branches, insects and thorns of roses!

The original rainwater trap will help deliver liquid from the drain directly to the garden bed! Such an adaptation can be made by buying a little vinyl

The block from the air conditioner or the basement hood spoil the look of your site? Hide them under artificial bushes!

Tired all the time to drive annoying gnats from dishes with food? Mesh-cap - an excellent solution to this problem!

To ensure that the hose does not get tangled and is always at hand, use a safe stand.

Pocket saw is a necessary thing. It can cut even the highest branches: for this you need to tie a rope to the handles. Having thrown one edge of a rope on a tree, it is possible to tighten a saw and to start to saw.