Mirrors - an indispensable thing when you need to visually expand the space of a small apartment.

Hanging curtains under the ceiling, create the illusion of large windows.

Here's how you can separate the sleeping area: the bed was placed on an improvised podium and fenced off with a curtain.

Another example of the division of the room into functional areas with the help of curtains.

The amazing effect of coziness and depth can be obtained if you paint the ceiling with a dark-colored paint, but at the same time leave the walls in bright colors.

That is how you can visually "raise" the ceiling.

The heating battery does not have to be hidden, it is better to highlight it by painting it with bright paint!

Even from the switch panels you can make original decor items. Self-adhesive film of various colors is sold in any construction shop.

The original solution for the head of the bed.

The frame for the mirror does not have to be square!

Unusual fittings miraculously transforms furniture.

Such curtain rods break all the patterns!

I always wanted to have such plafonds! Stylish and concise.

About how in one corner to fit a bed, dressing room and work space with bookshelves ...

The usual shelf is much more interesting looks!

Such a functional rack is suitable not only for storing books.

Here's how to create an original wall with family photos!

Well, how? As you can see, it is not necessary to do major repairs, so that the dwelling was stylish, functional and cozy. I hope these ideas inspired you!