Heart disease

The researchers found that rapid graying in men is often associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease. Since the initial stage of IHD does not have symptoms, rapidly graying men need to be examined regularly by a cardiologist.

Accumulation of peroxide

In normal mode, the follicles of our hair produce a small amount of peroxide. But, accumulating, it discolours the curls. Such a deviation is treated using a UV-activated mixture. It is also used in the violation of skin pigmentation.

The lack of vitamins D3 in B13

Scientists have found that the lack of vitamin D3 leads to the loss of melanin (a substance responsible for skin color and hair). The same happens with a lack of vitamin B12. Sometimes, in order to stop the graying, it is enough to switch to a balanced diet.


It is proved that smoking people are graying much faster than those who have never touched cigarettes. Therefore, smokers may not be surprised at premature gray hair. By the way, this habit also provokes early baldness.


Premature gray hair can speak not only about abnormalities, but also about the natural characteristics of the body. So, people whose parents started to turn gray before age 30, notice the first gray hair as early. Scientists even found genes,