Naturally, when a person goes to any other amusement park, he can feel the difference between average and excellent. As fathers, we are obliged to show the daughters the gold standard of this man. We must teach them to be strong and independent women. We can give the example of a real man to daughters only through our words, our actions and our attitude.


Here are 5 ways in which the pope can give his daughter an example of a real man.


1. Remember the "golden rule".

Follow the "golden rule" to treat others as you want them to treat you. This includes not only those words that you say to another, but also actions, because sometimes actions speak louder than any words.


2. Do what you say and keep in mind what you are doing.

Words mean a lot, be a man of your word. Be reliable, a person to be reckoned with.


3. Be a good man.

Behave with dignity and strive for people to have bright emotions from any interaction with you. Be kind and express your feelings boldly and openly.


4. Solve conflict with words, not violence.

Anger is an aesthetic emotion. If you are angry, stop for a minute, calm down before talking, because words are like toothpaste: you can not bring it back into the tube if you squeezed it out.


5. Show your care.

Sometimes it hapens difficult to express your feelings. Even small gestures of tenderness towards a daughter can pave the way to her heart. For example, just say "thank you" by cooking her favorite dinner or giving her a firm hug. Ask her what you can do to take care of her.