Jesus called us a light to this world, which should shine to all. "A Christian should be a light where he goes, whether at home, at work, at a shopping center, at the gym or at school," said Patrick Mabilog.

What changes when we move from physical space to virtual, to social networks? The blogger noted that many believers view social networks as a zone of ruthless verbal hostilities. Many loving and tender people lose all caution on the Internet. Facebook has become a broad road of hatred, where one can easily harm another person without experiencing any social consequences.

Patrick Mabilog offered his readers five ways to communicate on Facebook to remain a light to this world and to testify to faith.

1. Remove all hatred and show love

The author noted that it is the easiest to make malicious comments, making malicious statements on the Internet. But believers, led by the Spirit of God, will remain soft, kind, will remain in love and peace, even in the comments.

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another" (John 13:35).


2. Show the benefits of faith

"Undoubtedly, an article, photo or video is fascinating and interesting for you, but are they useful for people who see your news feed? This will create them or destroy them? "- called to think about Patrick Mabilog.


3. Explain, and do not be talkative

Check yourself that you are not a fan of ranting in social networks. "I must admit that I can be guilty from time to time," the author admitted, "but until now the quiet voice of God's Spirit reminds me that Jesus intended me to be part of the solution, not a loudspeaker of pessimism and despair."

He also stressed that this does not mean that we should not state problems. But we must do this so that people can bring hope, not despair.


4. Be tactful

Sometimes it is difficult to express your feelings on the Internet or to discern other people's emotions. But Scripture tells us that our speech should always be seasoned with salt and we must be able to give everyone the right answer (Colossians 4: 6).


5. Make your Facebook page a platform of truth

The author stressed that today it is very easy to share ideas with people. But do we use this opportunity to plant in our friends the seeds of truth that will bring them a blessing?

"God calls us, the body of Christ, to be the pillar of truth for all mankind and to share Jesus Christ at every opportunity that we have," wrote Patrick Mabilitz at the conclusion of his article.