Dishes from eggs

It is a source of high-grade protein containing essential amino acids. They quickly create a feeling of saturation. The best choice is Benedict eggs or simply hard-boiled eggs. Omelettes and eggs are also suitable for dinner, but on condition that they are cooked without oil or with a minimum of it.

Cheese, grapes and nuts

A small portion of cheese will "pull" only 100 kcal, but it will bring a lot of pleasure and benefit in the form of tryptophan, protein and casein. It is believed that the latter is even able to accelerate the metabolism the next day, if you use it before going to bed. A few grapes, rich in melatonin, will also benefit the sleep.

Turkey with pumpkin puree

For those who love "more serious", you can advise a turkey - a real storehouse of tryptophan and useful protein. And it is she, and not the chicken, who should be given preference - it is easier to digest. And the garnish is to choose something light and delicious. For example, pumpkin puree for this recipe.

Hummus with vegetable sticks

The basis of the dish - chickpeas rich in vitamin B6, which, in turn, is important for the synthesis of melatonin. The best supplement for this rich eastern dish, if you decided to have a snack at night - sticks of cucumber, zucchini and carrots.

Aromatic corn

Choose for a late snack is not canned, but boiled corn. It is able to remove excess cholesterol from the body and inhibit the accumulation of fat stores. Remember that it is better do not to put in your dinner а butter and salt.

A fish

For late dinners it is better to give preference to white fish. You can, for example, choose a nutrient-rich cod. Or flounder - the methionine contained in it is famous for its ability to break down fats.