Well-fried steak

 American chef Anthony Bourdain admits that the cook, after discovering a piece of tough, loosely-cut, tenderloin, can either throw it away, or ... keep it for well-roasted steaks.

Sushi with salmon

We have bad news for fans of sushi and rolls with salmon. Chef Hank Scrampton (Hank Scrampton) believes that it is worth to avoid these dishes with freshwater salmon species, as they are a favorable environment for parasites. But it is unnecessary to panic: the process of freezing fish kills parasites. "Almost all the fish for sushi and rolls undergo this process, and it's very good," the chef thinks.

And still, if you doubt, it will not be superfluous to specify from which fish the dish is prepared-fresh or frozen.

Vegetarian dishes


The magazine Food Network Magazine conducted an anonymous survey of chefs in the United States, in which 15% of respondents admitted that vegetarian dishes in restaurants may not fully comply with this concept. If you are a super-vegetarian and do not forget to remind the chef several times about your principles, be careful: some chefs can retaliate to add a tuna or bacon to your salad. "Vegetarians and vegans cause constant irritation to any cook who is worth something," - admits Anthony Burden.

Iceberg lettuce

People who work in a restaurant will never order an iceberg salad in the restaurant. The main danger is that the salad like bacteria that love to settle in the moist recesses of lettuce leaves. To wash an iceberg so that it has ceased to be a nutrient medium for harmful microorganisms is difficult.


Three American chefs admitted to the magazine Food Network Magazine that uneaten bread wanders from one table to another. Of course, it will be heated before serving, but this is not at all a guarantee of freshness.

Fish on Mondays

According to Anthony Burden, most restaurants buy fish on the eve of the weekend - on Thursdays or Fridays. In the weekend, fish markets are usually closed, and fresh fish can stay only 3 days. Therefore, on Monday you will either have to try the fish not the first freshness, or be content with the frozen one.



Do not order oysters in a restaurant that does not specialize in seafood. Stale oysters are easily poisoned. Therefore, you should be sure that the restaurant receives them from the verified suppliers in a fresh form.

"Non-core" for the establishment of dishes

Chef from New York Michael Armstrong advises to order the dishes on which the restaurant specializes: "You should not expect anything good by ordering pasta in a pizzeria, and fish - in a steakhouse." Moreover, products for dishes that are rarely ordered, often lie in the refrigerator of the restaurant, and the risk of getting a stale dish is higher.