Man is the best runner on the planet for long distances

The approximate values ​​are given

A person can not compare with a cheetah in terms of running speed. But at long distances a person leaves far behind all mammals. Thousands of years ago, he chased after prey until the animal died from exhaustion. A person has large knee joints and feet to withstand prolonged exertion, and powerful gluteal muscles and a flexible torso to keep balance. But the main thing is its excellent thermoregulation. Animals during running are overheating and forced to often breathe and stop to cool. People are deprived of fur, and they know how to breathe straight and deep. Modern man is quite capable of running without stopping 560 km.

The human liver can be restored as a lizard's tail

Many human organs are capable of self-healing after damage: skin, bones, and even nerve cells. But the liver has the most impressive ability to regenerate. Even if a person has lost 75% of this body, the liver grows to its original size.

The strength of a person's bite is 50% stronger than that of a gorilla

Looking at the terrible jaws of large primates, it's hard to believe that the force of compression of the human jaws is much greater - by as much as 40-50%! But Australian researchers have established that this is indeed so. To achieve such a bite force is allowed by thick tooth enamel and strong roots of human teeth.

A powerful supercomputer needs 40 minutes to simulate 1 second of brain activity

Japanese and German scientists have tried to reproduce the activity of the human brain with the help of a powerful supercomputer with operating memory of 1.4 million gigabytes. For this purpose, a computer model of 1.73 billion neurons was created. In order to reproduce the work of the brain, which he does in 1 second, the computer took 40 minutes.

The human brain has as many nerve cells as there are stars in the Milky Way

No wonder the brain is the most mysterious and unexplored organ of the human body. In the brain, 100 billion neurons - about the same number of stars in our entire galaxy.

The amount of human memory - more than 30 000 "iPhones"

Scientists have established that human memory is capable of storing 1 million gigabytes of information. By volume, this equals the memory of 31,250 standard 32-gigabyte "iPhones". However, when we have a good mood, we remember the information worse.

The human muscles are many times stronger than we think

There are no scientific studies of superpower, because it is included only when a person is in danger of death. But there are numerous testimonies of witnesses who saw how people in a fight win a bear or raise a car, saving a child. In the ordinary state, our strength is limited by nature, so that we do not damage our muscles and tendons. But as soon as in a dangerous situation, the hormones adrenaline and norepinephrine enter the bloodstream, superpowers are included in the person.

Man radiates light

Japanese researchers using ultrasensitive cameras recorded a glow emanating from a person. And although it is 1,000 times weaker than what the human eye can see, we are still shining! The brightest light we emit at about 4 pm, and the brightest shines the face.