Wipe the screen of the phone with special cleaning wipes

Have you ever noticed an unpleasant rash on your cheeks? Perhaps its cause is a mobile phone. Modern research has shown that these devices contain dozens of times more bacteria than on the toilet seat. To all these hordes of germs do not migrate to your face, take for yourself the rule to wipe the phone screen with special cleaning wipes.

Regularly wash makeup brushes

Brushes for make-up if used improperly can cause irritation, acne and other troubles on the skin. To avoid this, brushes, sponges, applicators and other make-up devices should be washed regularly. For this, the usual antibacterial napkins are perfect, and for deep cleaning you can use a delicate detergent such as a mild shampoo or facial cleanser.

Watch your diet

Sweet, fatty and excesses in food are enemies of good skin. Everyone knows this. However, many for some reason forget that the other extreme is harmful. Hard food restrictions like popular now mono-diet - a direct path to dry, wrinkled and "tired" skin. Remember this and make sure that along with the "harmful" products from your diet, the necessary vitamins and minerals do not go away.

Do not abuse the scrubs

Scrubs with abrasive particles do make the skin smoother and fresher, but the abuse of such products can increase the risk of inflammation. Owners of problematic and dry skin from scrubs better to refuse and replace them with soft cleansing lotions, and those who have oily skin, use scrubs no more than once a week.

Apply on the face cream before and after swimming in the pool

Chlorinated water dries the skin very much, making it dull and less elastic. To minimize the negative impact of bleach, apply a nourishing cream on the face before going to the pool, and then wash thoroughly and use moisturizers.

Take a shower immediately after playing sports


Souls in gyms may not be the most comfortable place in the world, but the clogged pores, black dots and pimples that appear if you do not wash off perspiration in time are definitely worse. Do not be lazy to take bath accessories in the gym and wash yourself immediately after you have finished your workout.

Carefully follow the signals that your body sends

Rash or irritation, dry skin, swelling - all these cosmetic defects can be signs of more serious problems in the body. Watch for similar signals that your body sends you, and try to respond to them in a timely manner.

Refuse excessively hot shower

Too hot water destroys the thin fat layer, which protects the skin and keeps moisture in it. The habit of washing with boiling water, thus, can lead to premature wrinkles, dryness and flabbiness. Remember this and give up a hot shower in favor of room temperature water.

Drink enough water

In order not to forget to drink more water, put a bottle of water on the phone. Every time you take the phone in your hands, you will remember about water.