We decided to tell about the 8 most common.

1. Headache

Your body can ask for rest from stress, if you feel discomfort in the head. Excessive workload often turns into a moderate or intense pain of the head, neck or eyes.

In addition, a high level of stress can lead to exacerbation of migraine.

2. Problems with digestion

When our brain works at maximum for a long time, the digestive system suffers. It falls into a kind of shock.

The most common consequence of this process is irritable bowel syndrome, associated with a disorder of the stool and abdominal pain of different localization.

3. Frequent colds

Stress increases the heart rate, which is why blood circulation is accelerated. This factor, together with high blood pressure, can adversely affect immunity, as a result, we begin to get sick more often.

4. Unstable weight

Most often, severe stress leads to rapid weight gain. The reason for this is an increase in the level of the hormone cortisol,which push a person disorderly to eat something . Because of the increase in the diet of uncomplicated carbohydrates, excess weight soon makes itself felt.

5. Pain in the stomach

We have already mentioned that the digestive system suffers from increased stress. Therefore, stomach pain and nausea may also indicate that you just need to rest.

6. Fatigue

Are you slouching, barely dragging your feet and constantly struggling with yourself, so as not to close your eyes and not fall into a sweet dream? Then keep in mind that constant fatigue can also be a consequence of excessive workload.

7. Pain in the chest

Pain in the chest under stress often has nothing to do with the heart and is purely neurological. If you often feel stabbing pain in the sternum, first try to relax.

But do not forget that stress can lead to heart failure. Therefore, if there is a suspicion of a violation of the heart muscle, consult a doctor.

8. Reduced sexual activity

Because of stress, the brain begins to produce much less chemicals responsible for sexual attraction. Therefore, a person can lose all desire to make love.

If this problem touched you or your partner, be aware that a good vacation can bring everything back to its places.