1. Firstly, choose a good companion

Spontaneity in the journey is good, but not when it comes to the choice of companion. Call your friends with in the presence of which you enjoy for a long time and in different situations. If you have been a lot of time together, we are able to predict each other's behavior and adapt, which means that the journey will be happier and calmer.

2. Find out common expectations from travel

Discuss in advance what attractions each one of you wants to visit, which mode of the day you prefer (when one of you - a lark, and the other - the owl), discuss the choice of hotel or hostel. The more detailed you discuss the upcoming trip and your habits, the more fun it will bring you. Sometimes the cause of the disorder may be even a choice of dinner place, because you can choose different dishes and institutions formats.

Remember that the character traits that you do not see at home, may occur in the journey with redoubled force. For example, the habit of criticizing.

3. Discuss budget

The most serious source of conflict - money. This issue is a must negotiate in advance, because it affects the plan for your vacation: tours, restaurant choices, methods of transportation, and more. Unpleasant situation may occur suddenly. For example, you will come under the heavy rain, and one of you like to walk to save on travel, and the other wants to stay dry. Before you will start to plan, discuss your financial capabilities and desires about housing, food and entertainment.

4. Consider meeting system

It is a good idea if you decide to separate, for example, in the market and do not hope for smartphones. It is also important in case someone gets lost. Set the time and place of the meeting and follow exactly all the arrangement.

5. Make time for friends

If you happen to find a good companion, the attention to him will only improve your trip. Respect to his mood and fatigue. Try to find a balance in each other's needs. Be careful in the room, if you live together.

6. Do not seek to carry out all the time together

We must allow ourselves and others to be alone, if necessary. Dissatisfaction with the release of their friends and fellow travelers, can easily occur when a person feels that too much inferior, forgetting about their own interests.

Pick an hour from a day to spend it in a cafe or just sit in the hotel lobby, reading a book or answering the mail. You should not be every free minute together and feel guilty if wanted to stay a little longer alone.

7. Be open to new companionship

Not confined to people with whom you have come.Make new interesting acquaintances. A variety of communication relieves tension in the relationship with our fellow travelers and revive the rest. In addition, it is useful to get acquainted with the locals. This is an excellent practice in a foreign language, a deeper understanding of the culture of the country, the opportunity to see great, but not listed in the guide places.

8. Be flexible

Improvise! If you come to Paris and you do not like it, go to Nice. If instead of the planned excursions your companion suddenly offers a fascinating pastime - agree. The main purpose of holiday - to get the emotion and pleasure. Due to the flexibility, spontaneity and humor you can spend an ideal trip.

If you follow these simple tips, your journey will be an unforgettable and likely to make you closer with your friends. Common concern, shared fun holiday stories, emotions experienced together will warm you to the next trip.

And remember - travels improves you!