One of evenings I intended to spend together with friends, as guest. But on the eve, right in the middle of the night, one of my children got sick. The whole next day I spent in a close hotel room, sadly watching everything that at that moment was so close to me and, simultaneously, unavailable.


Interrupted life

In my life there are enough such interruptions, inconveniences, disappointments and unexpected events. Something is breaking. Accidents happen. The phone suddenly rings at the very moment when I finally began to fall asleep on the eve of a difficult day. Because of traffic jams, I'm late somewhere. And just when you have the least money, the refrigerator or washing machine breaks down. Due to illness, carefully planned plans are falling apart. And I can continue. Surely you could also contribute to this long list.

The problem is that I react to such troubles in the best way. As a rule with irritation and anger. I'm almost always ready, like a child, to stamp my feet and scream: "It's not fair!" I usually blame the others for my inconvenience.

All these life troubles always take me by surprise. But you will not surprise God by them. It's not accidental, meaningless events. All of them on my way have some reason. And God uses these situations to change me and make me more like Christ.

A traffic jam, a sick child, or an expensive repair of household items do not seem to be a significant tool for my consecration, but that's why they serve it. As a rule, we miss such situations without much research and expect that God will send us something big and significant, and our whole life will change. But in real life, not so many people receive a blessing through extraordinary events that force us to trust God and obey Him. We are not asked to bring an ark or a son to be sacrificed on an ancient mountain. On the contrary, in these small, minor events, which so irritate us and inconvenience us, we have the opportunity to rely on God and give Him glory.

Paul Tripp talks about this as follows:

We live with you not in the midst of a series of significant and dramatic events. We do not have to constantly make decisions on which life or death depends. We live in small, minor episodes. The character is formed not by the ten main events in life, but by tens of thousands of little things of everyday life. And in the midst of these trifles, what is hidden in our hearts is revealed.


Interruptions of grace

All these tens of thousands of episodes come to us in the form of our children, asking them to play at the most inappropriate moment for us. Or here is a tractor in front of us on a narrow path and overtaking is prohibited, and we are late for an important meeting. And then the wheel broke down. It is at such moments that everything seems to go against our will, and our life is interrupted.

And then it raced ... Our faith is testing us, and we begin to understand whether we are standing on a rock or on the sand. Do we believe that God controls all the nuances of our lives? Do we believe that his grace will be enough for the rest of the day. Do we believe that the gospel of Christ has the power not only to save us in eternity, but also to give us the strength to go through all our "life interruptions"? Do we believe that Christ is sufficient to meet all our heart needs?

But all these tens of thousands of episodes are the work of God's grace. With their help, we answer the questions posed above. They reveal our sins. Thanks to them, the veils are removed from our eyes and we begin to understand better how much we need the gospel every minute of our daily life. We finally get an opportunity to illuminate the hidden corners of our hearts, in which idols and sins are carefully hidden, which we either did not suspect, or did not believe in their existence.


Required Reminders

These "life interruptions" remind us that our life is not yet fully understood, and we ourselves do not understand it. They are like a shepherd's whip, by means of which the sheep who have gone too far are compelled to return back to the Shepherd. We need these "interruptions." Like nothing else, they push us towards the cross of Christ, where we can remember the gospel and find grace and forgiveness.

It is difficult, of course, to see all these daily troubles and problems in such a light and to recognize them as opportunities for deepening in grace. But that's exactly what they are. And if we can look at them in this vein, our view will move from ourselves to Christ, who is more concerned with our transfiguration than with comfort. He does not give us an easy life, he interrupts it with His grace, to show us the most needed things in our lives - Himself.

And what about you? Is your life full of such "interruptions"? Do you see God's hand in them?