Our society is under the overwhelming hypnosis of the matrix and can not understand the obvious truths. The education system is hopelessly outdated. 90% of unhappy people - more than just a LOT. If a plant of mineral waters would produce 9 out of 10 bottles of dirty water, the leadership would be sent to prison.


Thousands of schools each year "produce" people who will not live, is lonely, poor. Why is this happening?

The causes of today's evil must be sought in the past. A modern school was established 200 years ago. This institution met the specific needs of the industrial age. At that time, production was rapidly developing in England. There were new factories, banks. To serve them, millions of mindless, obedient performers - some sort of biorobots - were needed. Then a system was created that contradicted the common sense, the nature of the child, evolution.

The ideal program for creating robots, which are the cogs of big business.

We know that children are very fond of playing. So training takes place ten times faster than behind the desk. Children have a lot of energy. They like to laugh, run, jump. The school punishes children for any manifestation of emotions, cheerfulness, curiosity. There can be no question of any development of the individual, both physical and spiritual-intellectual. Our pedagogy is designed to destroy the individuality, personality, deprive the child of his opinion. I will give several reasons why the school is harmful:


1. Modern science has proved that the child effectively learns only when mistaken. The school is doing everything to develop a fear of mistakes in children. For incorrect answers punish, put a deuce. In the future these unfortunate people are afraid to try new things, experiment, make mistakes.


2. In the tasks there are only 2 answers - correct and incorrect. Thus, children begin to see the world flat. Many tasks, in fact, can have thousands of right decisions.

3. Children do not have time to think.  

The modern learning process is built in such a way that, the child is constantly loaded with dumb, meaningless work. Earlier, in the heyday of philosophy, the teacher led the students to the bank of the river and gave the task to think. They could argue and meditate for a few days. Only by meditating in silence can we develop our mind.


4. The modern school kills one of the innate instincts - the desire for knowledge.

Leonardo da Vinci did not go to school. Only because of this he was able to develop and maintain a thirst for knowledge. He spent his entire life making brilliant discoveries, remaining a student. Da Vinci inventions for 500 years have overtaken time. Most students, after receiving diplomas, cease to study for good. They hate this process. For the rest of their lives they remain spiritual invalids.


5. All the knowledge that is given in school with violence and humiliation of the person for 11 years, can fit on a five dollar chip, they are worthless. The world is developing rapidly. Information becomes obsolete and becomes useless. Only the ability to self-learn is valuable, which is just not being taught.


Most people no longer ride donkeys, no one uses pigeon mail. The reality has changed. Only the feudal-industrial system of education remained the same.

Dear grandfathers and grandmothers, moms and dads, if someone has the opportunity to transfer a child to out-of-school education - give the child a happy life, without hesitation, take it away from school.

Greater evil than the school and hard to imagine. Criticizing school education, I do not in any way want to offend people-exceptions, teachers from God. They even in this school hell have the courage and love for children, give them knowledge, inspire future accomplishments. But this, unfortunately, exceptions, which only emphasize the rule.

Dear friends, develop awareness, curiosity. Ask yourself questions.