Researchers from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot who studied the influence of white and black bread on the human body came to unexpected conclusions.. They found out that the conviction about the unequivocal harm of white bread for all people who look after their health and the figure that was dominated for many years is, in fact, false.

According to scientists, black and white bread absolutely differently affect the organisms of different people, and it is impossible to say unambiguously that white is harmful to everyone.

The researchers note that in recent years the media has been cultivated the information that white bread is definitely more harmful than black and made with bran because it contains carbohydrates, but is "famous" for lack of fiber, thus pushing fans of "white bread" to obesity And Diabetes. Israeli scientists conducted an experiment: "planted" on black bread for two weeks, one group of participants in the experiment, and another group - only for white bread. The rest of the foodstuffs in both groups were the same.


As a result, it was found that black and white bread influenced the organisms of the participants in the experiment equally and did not actually affect the metabolism. At the same time, part of the volunteers reacted particularly favorably to white bread, and the organisms of others - to black.

On the microflora the use of both white and black bread did not affect. Researchers believe that the whole matter is in the peculiarities of the microflora of people of different types, and if one understands how the mechanism of splitting of starch and carbohydrates works for different groups, it will be possible to recommend people to use white or black bread, depending on their characteristics.