It starts at the bottom of the spine and leads further to the hips, knees and heels. And its individual branches stretch even to the fingers.

If the sciatic nerve is transmitted, it can cause severe pain in the back or in the back of the thigh. Most often this problem occurs in people aged 35 to 50 years.

Worst of all, when the pain in the lower back is accompanied by chronic fatigue and pain in the legs. If this problem is not addressed, the pain can soon become exhausting.

It is important, of course, to consult a doctor in time to prevent complications. But until you get to the right office, try one simple exercise that will help alleviate the pain.

Exercise "butterfly".

Sit on the floor. Fold your feet together in front of you.

Help yourself and move your heels and feet together. Then push your legs to the torso as close as possible.

Now lower your knees, pull them to the floor. From the side, this exercise resembles a wave of "wings", and therefore is called a "butterfly".

Start doing this exercise from 30-60 seconds at a time. In the process, the main thing is to breathe calmly and deeply. Gradually increase the time of classes.

This is an ancient exercise from the tradition of yoga. It is most useful for a woman.

In addition to solving problems with the back, it helps to tone the kidney, correct urogenital problems, prevent the formation of hernia and sciatica. And it also strengthens the uterus.

If you do this exercise every day in the morning, you will immediately notice that the pain and discomfort in your life has become much less.