During the Korean War, a guy in America was drafted into the army. Before going to Korea, he came to say goodbye to his girlfriend, with whom he was friends. "I'm leaving for exactly one year," he began. "I love you so much, so I'll write you letters every day." As proof of this, he showed her a suitcase in advance, to which he neatly folded 365 postcards.

Since then, the girl, indeed, received a postcard every day. Every day the postman came and handed her a letter from Korea. So it lasted 365 days. And now, exactly one year later, the girl really married ... for the postman :)

I do not remember exactly why John Maxwell brought this story, but I want to draw a couple of conclusions.

First: communication is the most important factor in any relationship.

Interestingly, before the wedding, people do not need to be forced to go on dates, communicate or give gifts. Lovers spend a lot of time together, communicate, and they have common interests. But, oddly enough, after the wedding, the situation often changes.

The pastor of the mega church T. D. Jakes claims that it's almost impossible to recognize a person before the wedding. On a date, not a real person comes, and his representative is beautifully dressed, neat, generous and ready to listen and communicate with you for hours. But after the wedding there is a real man, such as he is.

If the husband and wife want to have a strong family, then they should be best friends and spend time together. If we do not pay attention to the spouse, he will look for himself in another place, from other people or, in general, in social networks - such as Facebook, well, those who are older, then in classmates :).

A woman needs a man's attention very much. Often a wife tells something and she wants her husband to just listen to her, and not give her advice.

Second, you need not forget to make presents and surprises.

 As the hero of one movie said: "No time to explain, get in the car, go faster to choose your dress!"

I once spoke on this topic in the church on a family service, after which a guy came up to me: "What you are teaching is good, but I have no money to go to a restaurant with my wife or give her gifts," said He's rubbing his new iPhone :).

I immediately remembered the anecdote. The girl comes to the guy and says: "I will not marry you, because you are a greedy. Take your ring back! "And he said to her:" And where is the box? "

The conclusion is simple: in order to have a good family, it needs to invest time, finance, and energy. And most importantly, do not forget to do it all the time!