Have you ever wondered why you need these seemingly useless buttons on the corners of your jeans pockets?

After all, they do not hold anything and do not serve as a clasp for pockets. Why did they invent them many years ago?

We often wear jeans because of their comfort. They can also look quite stylish, if you choose the appropriate model and no less stylish top.

The phenomenon of popularization of this garment began in the distant 1872 - more than 140 years ago!

Then different workers, gold diggers and cowboys needed strong clothes, which would not break during work.

Once the American inventor Jacob Davis was repairing his clothes. And then he came up with the idea of ​​using copper rivets.

He decided to patent the idea, but did not have enough money to do it. Then he decided to contact the supplier of fabrics to Levi Strauss.

As a result, in 1873, Strauss and Davis received a patent for the use of metal rivets on clothing. It was a huge step forward and a very successful move! Levi Strauss began to use the novelty on his jeans. With rivets, the pockets became even more durable - they were almost impossible to tear off. This brought Strauss's products even more popular.

Today we do not need such a high pockets strength, but these rivets continue to be used. Without them, we no longer represent our favorite jeans!