How can spices help the respiratory system?

Useful for light spices have the following effect:

Expectorant - cleans stuffiness in the chest.

Anti-inflammatory - removes inflammation of the nasal canals and respiratory tract.

Soothing - normalizes the production of histamine.

Antioxidant - reduces oxidative stress.

Here are 5 spices that will help you clear the lungs:

1. Eucalyptus.

This plant comes from Australia, where it has been used by the natives for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. Eucalyptus contains a substance called cineol, which contributes to expectoration, treats cough, cleans the embedded breast and relieves irritation of the nasal canals. In addition, cineole strengthens the immune system during colds and other common diseases.

Mode of application:

Take high-quality essential oil of eucalyptus, drip onto the tip of your finger and anoint it under your nose. You can also drip oil on the palm, cover it with your nose and inhale the vapors.

2. Medinitsa.

Medunitsa is a blooming rhizome that resembles the surface of the lungs. It contains substances that effectively fight harmful microorganisms and restore the health of the respiratory system.

Mode of application:

Medina can be brewed like tea.

3. Oregano.


Oregano (oregano) contains two components, incredibly useful for the health of the lungs: carvacrol and rosmarinic acid. They have expectorant and antihistamine action.

Mode of application:

Apply a drop under your nose and inhale.

4. Lobelia.

The lobelia contains an alkaloid lobelin, which cleanses the sinuses and heals the runny nose. In addition, it stimulates the production of adrenaline in the adrenal glands, which relaxes the airways.

Mode of application:

Lobelia can be brewed like tea.

5. The root of the osh.

Osh root contains a lot of useful substances: camphor, terpenes, saponins, phytosterols and ferulic acid. This root not only facilitates breathing, but also protects against respiratory infections. In addition, it stimulates the flow of blood to the lungs, which is also very useful.

Mode of application:

The root of the osh can be brewed like tea.

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