Here is the most interesting:

1. All your actions.

All the data you enter into Facebook is saved there forever: your posts, events you've visited, all your likes and turnovers, private messages and uploaded videos, and so on.

In addition, Facebook remembers which devices you used to went to your profile, when and who was added to friends (or kicked out of friends) and similar technical details.

2. Removed posts.

Even if you erased some kind of comment or post, it always remains on Facebook servers.

3. Unranked posts.

The strangest thing is that Facebook remembers everything you enter in the post field, even if you change your mind and delete the dialed!

4. Indirect information about you.

Facebook analyzes your actions and actions of your friends in order to create an alternative profile: so, the social network collects data about what languages ​​you understand, what products you are interested in, where you are, how much you earn, and so on.

5. Visit to third-party sites.

Facebook tracks which sites you click on from links from a tape or advertisement. And even if you leave your account, facebook will try to track your movements with the help of cookies.

6. Panoramic video.

Facebook remembers which way you look when viewing 360-degree videos, and tells this information to the creators of the video.

7. Your face.

When someone marks you in photos, facebook makes it to their database to more accurately guess your face on new photos.

What if you do not like this?

Vicki Boykis made 7 rules, which she advises to stick to anyone who would like to limit Facebook's access to their data:

1. Do not publish too much personal information.

2. Do not publish photos of your children, especially at an age when you can not get their consent.

3. Log out of the account when you no longer need Facebook. Use a separate browser for facebook.

4. Use ad blockers.

5. Do not use facebook (especially messenger) to organize political events.

6. Do not install the Facebook application on your phone.

7. Do not install Messenger on the phone. Share this article with your friends! Let them know!