With its help you can learn the most important thing: how your metabolism works, your hormonal system, your lungs, your intestines and kidneys.

How to conduct an experiment?

1. Take a regular tablespoon and rub it with your tongue.

2. Begin with the tip of the tongue and make sure that there is enough saliva on it.

3. Then wrap the spoon with a plastic bag.

4. Check the spoon after 1 minute. If it is completely clean, then with your internal organs everything is in order and you can consider yourself a healthy person.

But if there are divorces on her, you need to continue the analysis further.

The first thing to smell is to spoon. If it now smells different from your saliva, this is already a bad sign. But do not panic!

Place the spoon under a beam of bright light (you can from a lamp or just in the sun):

If you see orange coating deposited, then this is the first sign of chronic kidney disease. So go to the doctor.

Purple coating deposited means high cholesterol in the blood, poor blood circulation or bronchitis.

White coating deposited indicate the presence of some respiratory infections. This means that you need to immediately make an appointment with a doctor.

A thick white or yellow coating deposited on the spoon from saliva means a problematic imbalance in the functioning of the thyroid gland.

If after the whole procedure the "test" spoon has an unpleasant smell, this can be a sign of problems with oral hygiene. If this is the case, start brushing your teeth 2 times a day and rinse your mouth after eating.

However, everything can be not so simple. You still need to consider that:

The smell of ammonia can be a sign of kidney problems;

A sweet smell indicates diabetes or simply that you consume too much sugar.

A sharp unpleasant odor of "rot" can indicate problems with the lungs or stomach.

You should keep in mind that this method does not provide accurate medical results. He can only tell you if you need to go to the doctor urgently or not. If you notice something suspicious, do not ignore these symptoms! Remember: self-treatment is self-deception!

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