Well, as usual in everything, the most important is the regularity. If we started doing something, we do it every day. Provided regularity, as in other cases, small results will come in 3 months, and large - after 3 years.

So, morning procedures. From the ingredients you will need: lemon, pure unboiled water, honey, activated carbon, hydrogen peroxide solution and fresh ostrich egg. About the egg - a joke, but buy the rest, the benefit of money is not needed much.

1. Cleaning the tongue

Teeth in the morning, clean? I hope so :). It is necessary to take as a rule before it to clean also language. People knew about this from antiquity. Avicenna also wrote about this procedure in the 10th century as one of the most important in his treatises, and Indian yogis did this long before that.

The best way to clean the tongue is to create such a special pre-set (I do not even know how to name the scraper, probably, ideally if it's made of silver).

Take it and carefully remove the entire plaque from the tongue from the root to the tip.

What does the language purge?

1. Through the surface of the tongue, toxins are removed from the body. Plus, bacteria accumulate there, which are then transferred to the teeth and gums with saliva, causing various sores.

2. Bacteria in the tongue and slag are a common cause of bad breath.

3. You release the taste buds from the plaque and begin to feel the taste of food more subtly.

By the way, a good scraper can be made from a plastic shaver. Just remove the blade, and use the remainder as a scraper.

2. Drink a glass of hot water

The next important morning procedure will be drinking a glass of hot water with a small amount of lemon juice.

The procedure is simple. Take clean, unboiled water, heat it to a hot state (but not boiling water). Pour a full glass or a cup. Cut and add there a thin slice of lemon or just squeezes a little lemon juice. Drink small sips at least 30 minutes before eating.

What is the use of hot water on an empty stomach?

1. Water flushes the digestive waste, slag and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract and prepares it for food intake. In general, you can generally bring the digestive system back to normal.

2. Improves metabolism, many of the problems associated with it (acne, acne, rashes) disappear.

3. Water with lemon effectively cleanses the liver. Lemon juice stimulates the liver to release toxins, and water immediately lead out them.

4. In lemon juice there are many microelements and vitamins (potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, iron, carotene-0.01 mg, vitamin B1 - 0.04 mg, vitamin B2 - 0.02 mg, vitamin B5- 0, 2 mg, vitamin B - 0.06 mg, vitamin B - 9.0 mg, vitamin C - 40-70.0 mg, vitamin PP-0.1).

3. A spoonful of honey before eating

Next utility. Five minutes before breakfast, eat a teaspoon of honey and drink it with water. A necessary condition: honey should be good. First natural (with this often a problem in the city, you can buy a lot of things like honey), secondly, not very old and not candied.

What gives a spoon of honey?

1. Honey is a powerful source of vitamins and trace elements, as well as a source of fructose and glucose, which "loads the brains" well.

2. Honey has a powerful antiviral and antibacterial effect. And with constant rational use significantly increases immunity.

3. Due to the presence in the honey of the ergogenic component or the so-called enhancement element, you increase your

efficiency for the whole day.

4. Honey - a known remedy from aging.. Beekeepers are usually distinguished by health and longevity.

4. Activated charcoal

After breakfast, you should drink 1 tablet of activated charcoal. In pre-Internet times, my first Teacher advised me every day to drink one such pill, saying that this is one of the rare safe drugs that collect all the garbage in the body.

Activated carbon is a universal absorbent capable of absorbing poisons, alcohol breakdown products, slags and toxins in the body and preventing their absorption into the blood. Coal itself is not absorbed and is not metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract. It completely comes out with feces.

More than one tablet a day Teacher did not recommend eating. Is that only with poisoning.

5. Rinse mouth with hydrogen peroxide solution

After breakfast I recommend rinsing your mouth with a solution of water with hydrogen peroxide. You need to buy a solution of peroxide in the pharmacy, it costs a penny, but it benefits a lot!

Rinse solution: 10 drops of 3% peroxide solution for 50 mg of pure unboiled water. Increase the proportion of peroxide is not necessary, you can "burn" the mucous membrane.

What does this give?

1. Prophylaxis of dental diseases and gum disease. Who regularly rinses with peroxide goes to the dentist basically only for preventive examinations.

2. After a regular antiseptic treatment of the oral cavity, a "bad" odor from the mouth is eliminated.

3. Teeth are gradually bleached.

Yes, and just in case the duty phrase: "Attention! Before applying the above recommendations, be sure to consult your doctor, dietitian, personal psychiatrist, fitness instructor, priest, close and distant relatives (underline)! "