People lie. And constantly. Is that 60% of us manages to lie about three times during the 10-minute conversation (and sometimes not even notice!). Fortunately, most of liars is easy to calculate.

Man lying to you if:

Cover your mouth and vulnerable parts of the body

Liar often covers the mouth or touches the lips. This gesture demonstrates the subconscious cease communication. Also liar instinctively closes sensitive body parts: head, neck and stomach. The reason is that lying causes him to prepare for the attack.

Repeats and gives too much detail

Liar hates silence, so try to fill every second of conversation with unnecessary details. With these components fictional interlocutor he tries to convince himself the truth of history. Fraudsters tend to repeat the same phrase. So he tries to buy time to gather his thoughts.

Ready to retreat

Lying makes man instinctively look for ways to escape. Therefore liars when standing close to the door, and if you are sitting, then deployed to the exit. If the source suddenly ceases to be in a relaxed posture and becomes more organized, it can also be a sign of lying. His hand is another way to prepare for the retreat.

His words and body language do not match

Obvious signs of fraud - the contradiction between the words human and non-verbal signals that it sends. A striking example: Someone tells a tragic and serious story of his life, with smiles and looked quite lively.

His breathing changed

Deceiver reflexively begins to pant, as lies through changing heart rate. Sometimes even the liar is difficult to say because it dries the mouth - is another reaction to lie.

Atypical moves eyes

We can not say that any one direction of gaze suggests cheating. If you know the person well enough, it is unusual for him eye movement may indicate a lie. However, one universal way to calculate a liar in the eyes is still there, if the person is constantly looking at the door, it is possible that he will lie.

become aggressive

The best defense - attack. Therefore liar prone to sudden outbursts of rage and unjustified. Another aggressive tone that he subconsciously sends - long nemyhotlyvyy look. So liar trying to look more true, but instead terrifies and at the same time pretending.

is nervous

Any manifestation of excessive anxiety can indicate a lie. As nevsydyuchist on a chair, standing touches to the hair, nervous movements of arms and legs. Especially revealing last point: if a person moves a lot of legs, then his body was preparing to escape. That subconsciously he feels threatened.