1. Great artists show only the best works

The distinction between good and great artist is that the great artist shows only his best works. For now you can not compete with Vogue photographers, but now you have to pay attention to what you are sharing. Perhaps even one picture may deter people from your portfolio, so if the picture does not cause you the wow effect - do not spread it.

2. Find your style

It is as necessarily for your increase as a photographer, as well as in defining your brand, what makes you different from others photographers? This principle apply not only for Instagram, but also applies in principle for the photographer.

As example, you may to take pictures the nature of forest.

3. Use real photo camera

Yes, your brand new smartphone can do well quick shots, but we believe that Instagram has experienced an era of "quickly take a photo, and set", and the case is now fit more serious. And the use of a mirror (or mirrorless, but with a good array) camera gives you a definite advantage.

4. Post-production has to be a serious

Yes, there are many ready-instagram beautiful filters, and you can easily use them, but, for example, a customer came to you and says he wants a photo with the treatment, and what will you do then ? Therefore, a real photographer does not take anything ready, and creates itself.

5. Share good story with the pictures

Do you think it hard for you go to work on Monday? Chinese porters in the province Huangshan each pick up on itself payload to an altitude of 2,500 m. For the tourism industry. While tourists rise to special suspension systems.

In instagrame is not enough to be a good photographer, you should to be yet a good writer to describe your images. Importantly, ask a question at the end of history, this is what distinguishes the description of the image of the live communication with subscribers.

6. Effectively use hashtags

If you move up using the general hashtag such as: #vsco or #instagood, very small chance that you will fall into the target audience, so make sure you carry out the analysis of hashtags for the style which you have chosen.

7. Build Community

Find a photographer who inspires you, and build links with them. This is a complex and difficult process, but then you can energetically promoting each other and engage in joint projects.

8. Do not chase subscribers

Better, you will have 100 subscribers, but you'll definitely get them huskies and feedback than 2,000 to be quiet. Before you catch a lot of people, raise the level of content quality.