Certainly, the main thing in the portrait - it is the human eye, so try to keep eyes always in focus. Then the man pay attention to the emotion shown at the picture, then looks at how the hands are folded, how inclined his head, and the others would seem little things. But in reality, the position of the hands, fingers, feet are very important, because if the you will crop your pictures wrong and cut off his hand, it will look that the model is really without hand. So, how to crop, to escape serious mistakes?


At the photo - the area from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the neck. Crop portrait close up - this is the most difficult job for the photographer, because you want to show and pass human emotions, to feel it. Before to take such pictures, you have to talk to the model, "open" her for yourself. The complexity is still in the fact that, too zoomed photo can show all defects of the skin, therefore do not forget about it. And most importantly - eyes should always be in focus.

Head and shoulders

This is still a close-up portrait, so follow focus on the eyes. In contrast to the portrait of a person, we can not cut the top of the head - the crown, as the crop takes place just below her shoulders, then in the upper part of the crop should be slightly higher than the head. In order skipped producing a portrait shot should be at eye level.

Head and thorax

In the picture we can see that the crop takes place just above the head and a little below the chest. This portrait is not so approximate as the previous file two, yet less eye sharpness has not been canceled, and this rule still works. If this portrait there hands then be more vigilant, in any case can not be that the hands or elbows were cut off.

Half-length portrait

The most popular form of photo, essential advice: do not cut the line on the pelvis. If a person at a photo is cropped on the line, it is not always look pleasant. And also do not forget about your hands, they also should not to be cut off at the elbow.

Portrait of a little above or below the knees

If in the frame are the human foot, it imparts a dynamic picture, but then you need to crop the foot little above the knee or just below. Simply speaking, any limb can not be cut at the joint, differently it would seem that the foot of man is amputated. Also if you crop a picture like that, you should think carefully posture, hand position, tilt of the head. Pictures of the plan is to do a chin-level model.

Portrait in full growth

This photo format can show the character portrayed is already full enough. The spectator can really have a feel for what living person depicted in this portrait. Maybe even guess his profession, habits and manners of behavior. But we must take into account the fact that not everyone can opened in their postures, gestures and facial expressions. If you will photograph a woman, especially a young, slim and beautiful, it would be very good if she would be in high heel shoes. In this case, for spectator visually her legs seem a little longer.