1. You sweat a little during training

Like it or not, but during intense training, the body should sweat much. Here everything is obvious: insufficient allocation of liquid will lead to overheating, which will negatively affect the body's work and well-being. To keep the training in hot weather safe, add one or two more glasses to your daily water intake.


2. Your skin is oily and dry at the same time

If you do not decide, you have fat or dry skin, perhaps it's dehydration. When the skin does not have enough water, it becomes dry, but still glossy. Recognize? Most likely, you have oily dehydrated skin. Drink more.


3. Your breath has become fetid

The causes of halitosis (bad breath) can be different - from problems with teeth and gums to indigestion. But one of the easily eliminated causes is a lack of saliva. After all, it is her bactericidal properties that prevent the development of bacteria. Did you notice that you started to smell from your mouth? Rinse your mouth and drink water.


4. You constantly want to eat

So ordered nature, that for the feeling of hunger and thirst answers one department of the brain - the hypothalamus. Sometimes there is confusion and we misinterpret brain signals. Instead of reaching for more ice cream, pour yourself a glass of water. Watch how your body reacts to water when you want to eat: if hunger decreases, then, in fact, you do not have enough water, not food.


5. You are sick all the time

Of course, there may be more serious causes of permanent malaise, which will reveal only a full examination. But lack of water plays a role in maintaining good immunity. Delivery of nutrients to cells and the removal of products of vital activity occur in the liquid phase. Therefore, before attributing yourself to chronic diseases, try to increase water intake.


6. You gain weight despite a diet

You follow the diet, lead an active lifestyle, but still put on weight? Maybe it's in the water. If you use applications to track calories, you probably noticed that they are asking you to also write down water, although there are no calories in it. The fact is that dehydration slows down the metabolism. Therefore, if you eat regularly and exercise regularly, do not forget to drink enough fluids too.

As you can see, the lack of water in the body is manifested not only by thirst. When I do not have enough water, I want sweet, soda or beer, although I have not eaten these products for a long time. Long-term experiments have shown that only water will bring peace in such a situation.