I sometimes thought that God had forsaken me, did not hear my prayers, somehow decided to bring me to the limit. I remembered Job, who spoke in a difficult situation: "Here He is killing me, but I will hope" (Job 13:15). I realized that the Lord has everything under control, you just need to trust him. But it was very difficult.

And so, when I reconciled before God, one day a phone call came. Sister Galina Uvarova called. "Elena, I retired and do not work, could help you with the children," she suggested. I was not ready to give her consent. Then there was a second, third call. Galina said that it is inconvenient to ask her, but she really can help - take a walk with the children, sit with them when I need to go. "I want to do this in the name of Jesus Christ. I want to serve Him through your family, "my sister insisted.

The day came when Galina came to our house. She fell in love with our children and the children loved her to such an extent that when she went home, they cried and longed for her for a long time. At any mention of Galina, the children began to ask for her. My sister played with them a lot, went for walks, bought them food. On each holiday, she gave gifts to all children and, handing them over, added: "This is from your grandmother."

Her help was not limited only to classes with children. When Galina came to our house, she immediately noticed - what can help, what thing to fix, what pot to clean, when to take out the garbage.

In fact, I did not ask for anything. My sister did all this on her own initiative, with great love. Seeing our financial need, she went to the bank, took off her savings and bought the necessary thing. At the same time she lived not as rich as an ordinary pensioner.

In addition, Galina monthly allocated from her modest pension a certain amount for our family. All the year round she provided us with food from her dacha.

I understood that she was very tired, since with four young children it is not easy to nurse. But there was always satisfaction and peace on her face. If I asked her about fatigue, she replied: "Do not tell me about this, this is exactly what I wanted to do for the Lord! For me, the main thing is to help you with something. God gives me strength! "

This woman has become for me an example. She taught me an unforgettable life lesson. Someone said: "We must first of all help others, even if we ourselves need help. Without such a spirit, we will always go on about our own selfish ambitions to the detriment of serving others. " We ourselves may need help, but the desire to receive it should not be the basis of our relationship with people. Galina did not expect help from my side. She had another purpose - to serve me.

Often I wondered why this Christian woman decided to help me. Probably, is there something good in me? Everything became clear when I read the words of Leo Tolstoy: "It always seems that we are loved because we are good. And we do not know that they love us because they are good people who love us. "