I want to tell you about Icloud authorization lock how to pass authorization lock and what you can do with locked device.

You buy or get somehow apple device, and found your device locked with apple icloud authorization? This article is just right for you, it will help you save your time and money. So lets start.

Youtube videos with passing the authorization screen

  • Don't get fooled by this videos, almostly all of them is fake! Save your time!
  • Don't send money to anyone who will promise you unlock your device. It is not possible and i will explain below why!
  • Videos of using bypass with connection to fake authorization server is true. But this type of bypass is not give you possibility use full capabilities of your device.
  • All this video created to gain views and fool peoples.

Bypass with using fake authorization server

You can use some of iphone functions if you fool your device and set up connection with fake authorization server.

When you try to activate the phone refers not to the apple server, and figurehead server gives to the phone menu with some possibilities.

  • modify your wifi connection, set up proxy servers
  • try to activate device and connect to fake server
  • get server menu screen

Restrictions of this bypass:

  • use only when you are connected to internet by wifi
  • after you turn of your device you must reconnect to the server, it is very unconvinient
  • you only have capabilities offered be bypass server
  • Why it is almostly unpossible to activate lost or stoled apple device with other apple id?

    When the phone is lost or is stolen and its former owner declares to the police about it, the phone will be recorded in the black list. Phones from black list is never unblocking again. So that why