This is dangerous, because it can lead to a heart attack, cerebral thrombosis, or even to a kidney disorder. Therefore, to monitor the pressure - especially after 35 years - is very important!

Many do not know it, but there is a thousand-year-old German prescription for maintaining the pressure in the norm. It consists of three powerful components:


In addition to the vitamin C contained in it, the lemon is beautiful in that it has pronounced alkaline properties. It helps to regulate the acid-base balance (pH) in the body, and this, in turn, is very important for pressure.


According to a new study conducted by scientists from the Australian University of Adelaide, garlic helps lower blood pressure.

"A huge number of people taking medicines from pressure do not get relief. When we gave such patients an addition with garlic, their pressure decreased. Thus, garlic can be a good addition to the treatment of hypertension, "says research director Dr. Karin Reid.


Its root reduces the level of "bad" blood cholesterol. And besides, it also claims the same effects on human blood as acetylsalicylic acid: the blood becomes more liquid. In this case, the blood passes faster through the vessels, and the load on the heart decreases.

So here are all the ingredients that you will need:

Garlic (4 heads).

Ginger (4 cm of root).

Lemons (4 pieces).

Water (2 liters).

Here's how:

First, thoroughly wash everything and cut the lemons into slices.

Then, peel the garlic and ginger and mix them in a blender. Your goal is to bring the mixture to a homogeneous substance.

Add the wedges of lemon. Bring in a blender until smooth.

Now pour the mixture into a saucepan and heat it.

Slowly add a little water and allow the mixture to boil.

1 minute after the start of the boil, turn off the gas stove. Allow the mixture to cool and put it in the refrigerator.


How to use:

Drink 1 cup of this mixture on an empty stomach every morning.

Also, it is ideal for making a couple of her sips 2 hours before bedtime.

In 2 weeks you will see that your pressure has stabilized. This will happen exactly when your health drink clears your arteries from fatty plaques, and the blood on them again begins to circulate, like a few years ago!

Do not forget to shake the drink well in the jar each time before you drink it. Only in this way will you gain all its advantages.