All sorts of dishonesty, including theft, have reached the scale of the epidemic in society. Many Christians were implicated in the theft, themselves not suspecting. After all, it is possible, for example, to steal even time. In many industries, staff payment is the largest share of costs. However, studies show that the average worker gives work only thirty-two or thirty-three hours instead of the prescribed forty. If you add lunch hours spent watching the window, or the time spent at the coffee machine or visiting friends, the amount of stolen time is simply staggering.

It is also true that people fairly freely handle the property of companies, picking up various equipment, paper, tools, parts, even postage stamps. This is real theft. In one of the factories, where many tools were missing, the managers decided to search the employees before leaving work. When at the very end of the working day an announcement was made about this, a clang of falling metal began to be heard throughout the territory. Workers did not want to get caught red-handed, and therefore simply threw away the stolen hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers, so that the whole territory of the enterprise was strewn with tools.

People do not pay on time in bills, depriving the company of their legitimate income. They take home purchases, use them and then return them back as unused. They borrow books and tools and keep them for good.

If you do not correct your employee, overstating the price for goods purchased by someone, then this is theft. If you are trying to create a reputation for yourself at the expense of someone else's work or achievements - this is theft. If a company employee uses his official position for personal gain, he commits theft. God demands absolute honesty from His people. Any form of theft must be discarded as unworthy of the children of God.