With each new acquisition, we feel happier, but a few days later from the former joy there is no trace. We decided to study this difficult issue, to once and for all to understand where we seek happiness.

It turns out that the main enemy of our happiness is a habit. As soon as the purchase becomes ordinary for us, the level of satisfaction with life falls and we are forced to flee for the next acquisition. And so again and again.

However, the research of Cornell University tore this vicious circle. Professor of Psychology (Thomas Gilovich) proved that we experience the same tide of happiness as when buying something desired, and while traveling. And most importantly - over time, the level of joy associated with the acquisition falls, and the adventure impressions continue to supply us with hormones of happiness for a very long time.

Attending various events, trips, the acquisition of new skills, as well as extreme experience - all this is an ideal reserve of happiness for each of us. A new gadget or even a car will eventually become familiar things or become obsolete, and every new memory will be a source of real joy that will remain with us for life.

Therefore, to become happier, you do not need to run to the store, it is better to go on a trip, it may be a hike, a bike ride to a nearby city, even if the trip is short.