We disclose to you the secret: that every day you wake up as 18-year-olds, just two ingredients - coffee and milk.

To do this you will need:

Ground coffee.

 Suitable is that used in home turks: coffee should be rather finely ground that would not damage the skin of the face.


 It is better to use milk with a lower percentage of fat, since coffee contains enough oils, so the prepared composition should not be fat.

A cup for mixing or any other deep vessel. Spoon or spatula for mixing the mask. The brush should not be used, as the particles of coffee can remain in the villi.

How to prepare a miracle remedy:

Put the coffee in a bowl and gradually add the milk mixing two ingredients, you should get a thick paste, so do not overdo it with milk, so that the composition is not liquid, since it budes will flow down of your face and it will be hard to apply to the face.

Apply a mask on your face by hand, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Wait for 15 to 20 minutes, since the beneficial substances must have time to have a miraculous effect on the skin.

To wash off the mask, use warm water.

Thanks to the regenerating properties of coffee beans, the facial skin is rejuvenated, blood circulation and complexion are improved.

Be healthy and beautiful!