However, getting out on a picnic, many of us are faced with inconveniences that can spoil not only the mood, but also the rest. To prevent this from happening, we collected 9 tricks for you so that your picnic would be perfect!

Сonvenient packaging

When it comes to preparing for a picnic, the choice of menu and packaging play a decisive role. In addition to the fact that it is best to use products that are easily transported to prepare "marching" dishes, it is also important how you pack them. For example, if you want to pamper guests with a useful salad, place it in a serving plastic cup with a lid. Usually they are intended for soft drinks and in the center of the lid there is a hole for the tube, but this is even very good, because it can be used to place a fork. So you save the place and are guaranteed to not forget the devices, and your guests will be delighted with such a simple, but very practical idea. The main dish can be expanded into small glass jars. Also very simple and beautiful.

Beverage caps

You, for certain, more than once faced with the fact that on the nature the flies or wasps strive to fly into your glass with a refreshing drink. Instead of driving them away with their hands, at the risk of eventually tipping the glass, just cover it with a paper muffin mold, having previously made holes for the straw in it. This option looks very aesthetic, especially at a picnic. Yes, and to give this advice is quite relevant.

Rescue from mosquitoes

Since we are talking about insects, we suggest that you try a natural and effective remedy for mosquitoes, which so love to spoil all pleasant impressions of rest on the nature. Cut the lemon in half and stick in each half a few dried carnations. The combination of the smell of lemon and cloves will scare away the "bloodsuckers".

Improvisation candle holders

Creating an atmosphere is no less important element of a picnic than snacks themselves. Here you help out small jars, for example, from jam, which can be used as candlesticks. In the twilight such light accents will be very useful to you, especially if it is a romantic picnic for two.

Berries in a waffle horn

As we said earlier, when considering dishes for a picnic, consider that it is convenient to eat them on the nature, where it is not always possible to wash your hands once again. We suggest that you arrange berry dessert in waffle horns. It looks very elegant on an improvised summer table.

Berry ice

A hot summer day can not be imagined without refreshing drinks, be it sparkling mineral water or a glass of beer. Such a beverage you did not choose, add in it pre-cooked berry ice, which will not only cool, but also will give a light taste. To make such ice, you need to pour your favorite berries with water and send it to the freezer for several hours. This advice, unfortunately, is not suitable for those who send to a distant picnic, but if you are going to rest in the nearest forest park area, place the ice in a thermos, taking out a piece as needed. Believe me, it does not melt for several hours while you are resting in nature.

Beverage cooling

In order to cool bottles with drinks, it is not necessary to use a portable refrigerator. You will need a small metal box, which you need to fill with ice and put bottles there. If you often picnic at the dacha, then such a box can be built into the garden furniture, or simply take with you on trips. While in the car, your favorite drinks will just cool down. And one more little secret: to not think about the water that will remain in the box, when the ice melts, use balloons. Slightly fill them with water, tie and freeze, and then use instead of ice. Agree that it is so much more convenient and safer, because there is no risk of leaks.

Marshmallow on fire

Even if you did not make shish kebabs during a picnic, you can also fry marshmallows for dessert on small candles. Just nail it on the skewer and warm it over the fire. The classic American dessert is ready.

Watermelon on a stick

Ice cream for a picnic you will not be able to take, too big a risk that it will melt when you finally reach dessert. But do not be discouraged. Slice the watermelon with triangles and serve, nakolov on an ice cream stick. It will not be less tasty, but much more useful dessert.