Today is very easy to create personal accounts on most web services. Most of them do not even require a difficult and long filling of registration form and provide a rudimentary pass authentication by social networks accounts.

But if developers have simplified the registration of users very much, then deleting accounts can often cause big problems. is useful service that can help you clean up your digital existance.

By using this webservice, you can delete almost any of your account, but with one condition - it must be associated with your Google account.

This web service helps you with two tasks for easily managing your accounts:

  • finding your accounts on web services, even old ones
  • provides for you direct links for removing this accounts

How works works as follows. You are logged in to by Google-account service, checks all web-sites where you registered by specified Gmail address. As a result, you will got a list of accounts that you can sent into trash with a single mouse click. allows you deleate your accounts from Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Evernote and other web services.

You cat try it by yourself following by this address -