But the banana peel can also be used to solve a variety of tasks throughout the house. From this article you will learn 10 very original ways of using it.

1. For water purification

The banana peel effectively absorbs lead and copper, which is not very useful for our body and can be contained in drinking water. So this is an excellent natural filter. Simply hold the peel for a while in a container of water.

2. For top dressing of plants

It is an excellent fertilizer for indoor plants. Day insist peel in ordinary water, and you will get a means that will provide your favorite plants with the necessary trace elements and energy. The resulting fertilizer can be diluted in a proportion of 1 to 5, and the skin itself is infused several times.

3. For cleaning silver

Banana peel removes the oxide from silver items remarkably. To do this, grind it in a blender and add a little water. Consistency should be the same as toothpaste. Rub this mass of silver, and you will see how your favorite jewelry brightens in front of your eyes. Rinse the remainder of the banana with silver items and polish them to a shine.

4. For the speedy healing of wounds, bites, abrasions

Banana peel contains a lot of useful elements that will help alleviate the suffering from burns, bites, scratches and abrasions, and also helps to heal the wounds. All you need is just to apply the peel to the damaged area with the inside and fix it for a while with a bandage. Also, if you apply the peel of the banana on the wart for several days at night, the wart will fall off. Apply the yellow side of the rind to the wart.

5. To alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis

Incredibly, but the peel will be useful and to alleviate the symptoms of such an unpleasant illness as psoriasis.

It is recommended to rub it with affected areas. Very soon the pain will recede and the peeling will go away. Similarly, you can fight acne. It should be noted that in general, the banana peel well nourishes and moisturizes the skin, so many women use it to moisturize and nourish the skin.

6. For teeth whitening

With the help of banana peel, teeth can also be whitened. It contains a mass of minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus, which have a beneficial effect on tooth enamel. Rub your teeth with a peel for two minutes after brushing them with a paste. The result will be visible in a few days!

7. For shoe polishing

If at the most inopportune moment you suddenly find out that your shoe cream is over, do not panic. The banana peel will save you. Remove the fibers from the inside of the skin and wipe the entire surface of the shoe. Then polish with a piece of soft cloth or a paper towel. Shoes will become as new, thanks to the wax contained in the peel.

8. For losing weight

Banana peel, like the flesh itself, contains a lot of potassium.

And this, as you know, is an excellent tool for losing weight, because potassium accelerates the metabolism. Make a mashed potatoes with apples, cinnamon or ice. It is proved that after using such puree, serotonin and dopamine levels in the body increase.

9. To increase the body's resistance

Bananas do not interfere as a prophylaxis against cancer. A banana peel promotes the appearance of white blood cells, which increase the overall resistance of the body. You can make mashed potatoes from banana skins or banana tea. Boil the skin for 10 minutes, add honey and enjoy!

10. To make food piquant

Banana peel helps out and in cooking. To ensure that the chicken fillet remains juicy and soft, will come to the rescue you... correct, banana skin! Just put it in the brazier with the chicken.