Volumetric and bright lips

In vogue again, bright, plump and voluminous lips, immediately catching sight. Therefore, the tendency to contouring is reversed to visually add volume. Makeup with a similar trend is recommended to use low-key: avoid screaming shades of shadows, sequins and false eyelashes.

Ash-gray hues of hair

In fashion, ashen hair returns, which no longer cause negative associations with aging. Here, everyone can choose for themselves a stylish option.

Pink blusher

In place of complex contouring comes the natural tone of the face. And with it pink blush, which not only emphasize cheekbones, but also add to your makeup naturalness.

Eyeliner of the lower eyelid

This trend in eye makeup looks not only unusual, but also stylish. And it's a pleasure to apply it: just shade the line from the pencil or eyeliner to the lower eyelid. However, with this trend, one should not forget about moderation, and also it is not recommended to use black color.

Chromed manicure

Such a manicure was popular as early as 2016, but in 2017 he risks becoming a real hit. Now, to add nails to gloss, you do not need to use pearl lacquer. A mirror coating will come to the rescue - the coolest and most fashionable option.

Nodes and braids on the top of the head

A new feature in hairstyles is to divide the hair into the upper and lower parts, and then the upper braid into braids and tie it in a knot. This hairstyle takes more time than the usual careless bunch on the vertex, but the result is definitely worth it. It turns out beautiful and elegant.

Matt lipstick

Between glossy and matte lipstick this year preference is given to the latter. And the most fashionable color is wine, which looks simply luxurious and has already won the hearts of thousands of famous makeup artists and beauty bloggers. It seems worth a try.