Oatmeal is always used to treat various inflammations, dry skin, itching and - our case - sunburn. Colloid oatmeal is oat flakes, ground to powder. This powder is found in a lot of lotions, washing aids and various bath products. Actually, a bath with such a remedy is designed to calm your burnt skin and help it feel better.



Instead of knocking down the temperature with aspirin, it is better to reduce sun damage by consuming vitamin C. Experts recommend 1,000 milligrams for three days (the usual "dose" is 75 milligrams a day). In addition, in pharmacies you can look for creams and powders with a vitamin C content, to apply it even outside - on burns.



Aloe is truly a queen of natural remedies. Gels with extracts, as well as fresh peels are good here, if it is a miracle of nature that you have at home in a pot. Aloe contains such an incredible amount of nutrients that they can not even be listed, and they will all work to calm and restore your skin, and also prevent inflammation and the development of infection. If before putting the gel with aloe in the refrigerator, the cooling and soothing effect will be even stronger.



"Panthenol" is based on pantothenic acid and is used to heal any damage to the skin: from light abrasions to radical - like the consequences of surgery or even skin transplants. Of course, in the case of sunburn this remedy is extremely effective. Given that the "Panthenol" comes in the form of a spray, it is extremely convenient to apply to painful places without fear of further injuring them by rubbing.