But today you will read something new about the seductive berry. These properties of strawberries have long been known to folk medicine, and I heard for the first time and was delighted ...

Useful not only sun-saturated fresh berries of strawberries, but also sepals, which we are used to thoughtlessly throw out. Most of all I was attracted by the idea with tea: dried strawberry tails are recommended to add to the traditional hot drink, the fragrance is magical!

What is useful for strawberries?

Tea made from strawberry tails

Dried leaves can be added to ordinary tea brewing, but can be brewed separately. It has an anti-stress effect and soothes the body no worse than mint tea! Such tea is also useful to everyone who has kidney problems.

Infusion of strawberry sepals

1 tsp. Crushed ponytails pour a glass of boiling water, cook a couple of minutes and let it brew. For the prevention of cancer and as a supporting agent during treatment, you need to drink infusion 3 times a day.

Tails for beauty

Crush fresh strawberry tails in a blender and make an effective anti-aging mask! Refreshes the skin and smoothes wrinkles.

Sepals for hair

Secret recipe against hair loss: mix oat flakes with a little water and pounded strawberry tails. Apply this slurry to your hair 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Hair will cease to fall out and become strong and shiny, more volume will be added.

Strawberry tails against diabetes

Prepare concentrated tea from strawberry tails, drink 1 glass after each meal. This drug helps normalize blood sugar levels!

Useful properties of strawberry leaves are impressive! Recently I learned that soft strawberries - a wonderful dressing for salads from fresh vegetables, along with lemon juice, very well combined with a leaf salad. I advise you, dear reader, to try this unusual taste ...

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