1. It will ease the symptoms of a stomach upset.

If you have an upset stomach just mix it in equal quantities - dry ginger, cumin, black pepper and salt. You should drink this mixture with clean water - one tablespoon, after eating, and you will feel relieved.

2.He helps alkalize your body.

Cumin can be eaten raw, which will help control acidity.

You can also mix it with sugar and coriander in equal proportions. Drink two times a day, washed down with water, and your acidity is normalized.

3.Spozobstvuet disposal of parasites.

Drink in the morning and in the evening a mixture of pure drinking water (400 ml) and about 15 g of cumin, which must first be put in water and brought to a boil, let boil until about 100 ml of water remains. Just drink 20-40 ml, and this will eliminate your worms in the shortest time.

4. Helps with chronic vomiting.

To get rid of chronic vomiting, just mix a tablespoon of roasted cumin, with natural honey and eat after each meal.

5. Helps with cough and cold.

Antiseptic properties of cumin effectively excrete phlegm in your thoracic area. This will get rid of the cough and ease the symptoms of colds. Simply boil several seeds of cumin, then strain the water and drink it.

6. Effektivennoe remedy for insomnia.

Just mash the banana and add about half a teaspoon of fried cumin powder to it. Eat, preferably after dinner, and you will sleep like a baby.

7.Rid of pain in the abdomen.

In order to relieve the abdominal pain, just drink a mixture of 3 g of cumin powder and warm water.

8.Saves from anemia.

If you suffer from iron deficiency, that is caused by a state of health or you are a pregnant woman, then cumin - can really help. It is a rich source of iron, and it will raise the iron level quickly.

9. Helps in the detoxification of the liver.

With daily consumption of cumin, your liver will be as good as new. It will promote liver detoxification, so your body will be free from dangerous toxins.

10. Constipation.

You can include the following ingredients in your diet in equal proportions to help cope with constipation - dry ginger, cumin, curry powder and black pepper. Add salt and oil to it and eat with rice to relieve the problems with constipation.

11. Effective against diabetes.

You can drink a glass of pure water with cumin powder, at least twice a day, to reduce blood sugar.