We are often faced with the need to quickly scroll to the top or bottom of the page. Browsers do not provide such a function, so sometimes site owners make special buttons to scroll through the pages. Today we tell about one of the extensions to the Сhrome Browser that will make it possible to scroll to the beginning or end in one click on any website.

TopScroll different from other extensions with similar functionality so that it instead of floating buttons used invisible area on the left side of the screen. It make more easy to navigate through the page and does not require us to aim cursor on floating button.

After installing TopScroll, you will be able to do such actions:

  • right-click on the left edge of the screen will take you to the end of the page;
  • click on the left mouse button on the left edge of the screen will take you to the top of the page;
  • a second click on the left edge of the screen will return you to the place where you scrolled from.

It is very easy to remember, even easier to use.

TopScroll gives us really useful features that save our time and effort.

Operational and restrictions:

  • extension does not change the display of pages
  • It operates only on pages in maximized mode
  • may not work on sites with non-standart layout

People like this extension, some of reviews: Brilliant! One of those "now why didn't I think of that" things. Simple and efficient as a great app should be.