We have a wonderful way to combine both points, and by the way, the first moment contributes to the second.

Very often for people who want to lose weight that would look slim, one of the most difficult moments in the diet is a complete rejection of the sweet. Include a few prunes in your daily diet - and you solve several problems at once.

Prunes are suitable for weight loss better than all other dried fruits. It contains useful sugars that do not go to extra calories and will not be put on the waist, but from the desire to eat something sweet, you will get rid of.

Dietary fiber, which is also rich in prunes, will improve the intestinal peristalsis, the body will be cleansed of toxins, the digestive system will be normalized. The organic acids that supply prunes to the body help to break down and burn fat from which we so want to get rid of, and pectin normalizes the blood sugar level.

In addition to all the useful properties listed, prunes have another nice feature - it helps to reduce the feeling of hunger. One - two berries prunes will kill the appetite and the growing feeling of hunger will retreat from you for a while. You can safely wait for lunch or dinner without violating the chosen diet. Prunes can be added to any chosen diet, within reasonable limits of course. Exception - therapeutic diets, which appoint a doctor.

Prunes can be used as a staple food during a fasting day. It is necessary to soak prunes in cold boiled water and during the day there are small portions of several pieces every two to three hours.