The recipe has been tested by many women and has collected thousands of enthusiastic comments! It is enough to drink 1 spoonful per day of a very tasty mixture and you will look younger every day. Be beautiful and young.

The effect is stunning! If you use regularly (2 times a year, courses), then at 45 years old you will be look at 30years old and the general tone of the organism will also correspond to these parameters. And more .... In the breaks, drink tea with the root of ginger, at least once a day.

One course - using the entire composition below the recipe given: * 100 ml. Lemon juice.

200 g of honey.

50 ml. olive oil.

Mix all the ingredients and take an elixir on an empty stomach for one teaspoonful.

Take 3 times a day before meals, somewhere in 15 - 20 minutes.

After you eat the whole composition - take a break for about half a year.

At this time, you need to drink tea with ginger for this recipe:

0.5 teaspoon of rubbed ginger pour 200 g boiling water, add the lemon to taste. Who can not drink without anything, you can with dried fruits or marmalade, rahat-lukum, it is forbidden to put sugar in tea!

Over time, as you get used, the dose of ginger can be increased to 1 teaspoon. Usually, the elixir is taken in March and October-November.

It will help you to restore health and youth! You will see yourself that you have becom to look better, arose cheerfulness and a desire to work! The people around will also notice the changes and shower you with compliments! Be beautiful and healthy!